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Islam teaches unending hatred


We should be helping Persecuted Christians rather than Muslims in the West.

Persecution of Christians is on the rise, with 2015 the most violent year in modern history for members of the faith. That is the conclusion of a new report by Open Doors USA, a non-profit group that has been monitoring Christian persecution worldwide since 1955.

The group says last year persecution of Christians reached “a level akin to ethnic cleansing,”

The report notes, “Islamic extremism remains by far the most common driver of persecution: in eight out of the top 10, and 35 out of the top 50 countries, it is the primary cause. A rise in Islamic extremism sees Pakistan at its highest position ever, and Libya entering the top ten for the first time.”

Please donate any amount to help one persecuted Christian in Egypt – none of the organisation set up to help have helped him and he is in danger.

Since last year, millions of people have moved out of their home countries, fleeing to the West, stating that they are fleeing persecution or war. The war in Syria is one cause of this displacement – and millions of Syrian families are being sheltered in Jordan and Lebanon as well as in Turkey. However, the rich Arab Gulf countries neighbouring Syria have done nothing to help – they cite ‘terrorism’ fears as one reason why they prefer to give money to other countries’ camps rather than shelter. Nevertheless, Europe, the UK and the USA are taking hundreds of thousands of these people, at a cost of many billions of tax-payer Euros, Pounds and Dollars.

Hundreds of thousands of migrants, not just Syrians but also Pakistanis, Afghans, Eritreans, and now even Nigerians who say they are fleeing Boko Haram are also making the crossing across the Mediterranean to reach the rich countries of the West. Some really are fleeing persecution, most are clearly coming to skim the benefit of the hard work of Westerners, and enjoy the products of the civilising force of Christianity. Migrants in Germany are now even taking holidays to the countries which they said they were ‘fleeing’ from.

However the question is never posed – SHOULD the West be taking this many new people in, the vast majority of whom are Muslims? Would we not ALL be much better off simply housing Muslim refugees and migrants in Muslim countries? We could either put pressure on our Arab ‘allies’ such as Saudi Arabia to do much more, or reach a deal with a poor and empty Muslim nation such as Azerbaijan to take the migrants in camps which we could help fund.

This solution would be both cheaper to arrange and also safer for all – the migrants and ‘refugees’ would not need to cross the sea in small boats, risking their lives, and the people of the West would not have to contend with millions more Muslims who, it must be said, keep trying and succeeding to kill us for being ‘infidels’.

Muslims who already live in the West have shown they are too often incapable of integrating with the host nations. There are pockets of Muslim communities in all Western nations where neither Western customs nor Western laws are obeyed.

The Daily Telegraph reported in 2012 that in the UK 75% of all Muslim women are unemployed while 50% of all Muslim men are unemployed (67.5% total) – a staggering 350% rise from 13% for men and 18% for women in 2004. Muslims are also on sick leave more than anyone else, with 2001 figures revealing that 24% of females and 21% of males claim disability. Muslims are the most likely among all religious groups to be living in accommodation rented from the council or housing association (28%); 4% live rent-free (2004 figures). As if this is not enough, the total prison population in the UK amongst category A and B criminals (third degree criminals) is now 35-39% Muslim.

This situation is reproduced wherever Muslims live in any number. Unlike other ethnic minorities (such as Hindus which make up the group LEAST likely to be found in UK jails) Muslims have shown an intractable inability and lack of desire to either love their host countries or to integrate. This is not an issue of race but of belief – Islam teaches Muslims they are superior to us infidel (ironically), and also that they can and should exploit us as slaves. This is what Anjem Choudary, the Muslim preacher now incarcerated for supporting ISIS, called ‘Welfare Jihad‘ – Muslims migrate to the hated West SOLELY so they can bleed our tax coffers dry.

Meanwhile in Muslim countries, it is illegal to build a Church or for Christians to proselytise. Christians are being killed and persecuted in huge numbers, THESE are the people we should be helping. But we are not. One reason is these Christians are too afraid to go to the UNHCR refugee camps because of the Muslims within – who will continue to persecute them. These camps are not safe for Christians. The US has so far accepted just 56 Christians out of the 10,801 refugees they have so far resettled.

This is a disgrace yet it is the common thread. As the Western powers of today attempt to be warm-hearted, they are in fact coldly ignoring the very real plight of Christians all over the Muslim world, being raped, killed and tortured just for being Christian. Further, by bringing in more Muslims to the Christian West, they are prioritising the welfare of people who are taught by the religion they place above all else, to hate and kill ALL infidels – that includes Christians. That means we are importing people who hate us, and leaving behind the people who are like us, Christians, whom the haters are persecuting en masse. Muslim migrants have no interest in abiding by our laws – they hate Christians so much they have been throwing them off the migrant boats heading for the West – these people have zero right to be helped by Christian countries.

Even worse, we Western nations give billions in aid money to Muslim countries such as Pakistan where Christians are routinely discriminated against and persecuted, their homes and Churches torched.

We already give billions in aid money to UNHCR refugee camps – but the fact is these are de facto Muslim only camps, since Christians are too afraid of more persecution and rape at the hands of Muslims to enter these. It is quite clear to me that in the West we should be bringing in Christian refugees not Muslims and rather putting pressure on Muslims to help each other – they have both the space in terms of land and the money to do so, especially the rich oil-producing states of the Arab Gulf.

I have tried to raise money for an ex-Muslim convert to Christianity currently being persecuted in Egypt, but the crowd-funding site Gofundme.com has banned me from doing this – presumably because Muslims were complaining the campaign gave the facts of their REAL persecution of Christians rather than the myths that Muslims are persecuted by Christians. I have also contacted all the organisations supposed to be working to help persecuted Christians such as Open Doors and Release International – none of them have helped or even bothered to contact the ex-Muslim in Egypt.

So will you please help me now to raise the money Malek needs so desperately to leave Egypt and the persecution he faces there daily?

Please go to this link and give what you can, and share this widelyhttps://www.tilt.com/tilts/persecuted-exmuslim-in-egypt



Britain sinking under unproductive Muslims costing £13+ billion a year






Malek – An Ex-Muslim Persecuted in Egypt

This is the story of Malek, an ex-Muslim convert to Christianity in Egypt. He has been in touch with me for almost a year now, desperate to flee Egypt where even his family have threatened to kill him, and have set fire to his Christian girlfriend’s flat. He has now married her, and she is pregnant. She has been able to flee across to France, but he is still stuck in a country where he cannot trust the police or even his own family. He is desperate to reach safety but needs at least $3,000 to do so as the safe countries where he could travel to require at least $2,000 in the bank to allow a visa, on top of the travel expenses.

I was deeply religious Muslim until two years ago when I found out the true teachings of the Islamic faith and what “prophet Muhammad” really was – a man responsible for the countless killings of innocent men , women and children. This I could not bare by my nature so I rejected this barbaric religion.

I found out that “Muhammad” was no different than barbaric thugs who slaughtered , robbed and raped women and also kids !!
He married a 6 year old girl when he was 52 !!
The Quran assured him 20 % of all booty his terrorist thugs collected by attacking and killing innocent people.

To satisfy the Islamic god you have to hate , kill and rape non Muslims. So I was sure that is not the real God and I left Islam two years ago.

At the same time I had many Christian colleagues at work. They were very friendly with me although they knew that I was religious Muslim who for sure hate Christians and consider them as slaves. This power of love and tolerance made me thinking a lot about “Jesus” so I started to watch arabic Christian tv channel called “Sat7” which changed my life forever.

When I hear about Jesus and his teachings I was sure that is the real God who loves everyone and who sacrificed to save us from hell and to enable humans to be reconciled to God. The concept of the divine trinity was very difficult for me as Ex-Muslim so a Christian girl helped me to understand this concept and to know more about Jesus .She also helped me to get baptized. So I loved her and we got engaged in secret. But unfortunately my family knew that so they beaten me till I was about to die and they threaten me : “we will kill you and we will burn your dead body because you don’t deserve to be in islamic graves”. They threaten me by death and burning alive if I refused to convert back to Islam and they arranged with slafist thugs to take me to a small far away village in upper Egypt and they will torture me till I convert back and if I refused they will kill me there and no one will know anything about me again but I managed to escape before that.

They searched also for the address of my christian fiancee and they found it and with help of islamic slafist thugs they burned the building which my fiancee lived in and she got badly injured but she managed also to escape.

After my escape I called my family to tell them that my conversion will not prevent me from love them but they respond to me : “We will kill you and your fiancee and all christians who help you and if we can’t find you we will report your conversion to Intelligence and National Security “. That was the last time I heard from them.

We are hiding now because we are afraid of killing , burning alive or arresting by Police because of blasphemy law.

Unfortunately we don’t have enough money to get out of Egypt so please help us asap because our life in real danger and we can’t even work or go to church to pray because our situation is very dangerous in such Islamic country.

Thankfully since this was written Malek married his girlfriend who is now pregnant and alone in France. At least she is safe – but Malek is not. Please will you give what you can and share this appeal with all the Christians you know. We have tried organisations like Nazarene Fund, Barnabas Fund, Open Doors and Rescue International, all of which purport to help persecuted Christians, but NONE of them has even bothered to contact Malek. Please help. Thank you.

Time for Resistance – We Need a Victor Orban in EVERY Nation of the West

Please watch and share – this man bravely speaks the truth. It’s only 13 minutes but the arguments herein have the power to change the world. Please ask your Leftie friends to watch this with an open heart – it is important. Our precious Western culture is on the edge of a precipice. We are in danger of losing all the freedoms, security, peace and prosperity we take for granted. Hungary remembers throwing off its Ottoman Muslim invaders in 1683. We have not had this experience – nor do we want to. Let History be our guide – Muslims never integrate – they only seek to dominate.



This denial of what the true nature of Islam is will be the downfall of our civilisation

Watch Paul Weston examine how the sheer demographics of Islam in the West coupled with the insane denial over the true nature of Islam will see our destruction to this sick cult of death. Unless our politicians FINALLY speak the truth of Islam as a demonic death cult (Mohammed the terrorist invented it – “I have been made victorious through TERROR”) it will be too late to do anything about Islam in the West. Please watch and share this important video – we must all do what we can to wake people up to the evil of Islam and its threat to our civilisation’s and our own survival.

soros teaser 3_3

David Horowitz Freedom Centre – Soros at the heart of Islamo-fauxbia plot

Soros’ “Islamophobia” Plot Against David Horowitz Revealed

The DCLeaks document dump exposes the pro-Islamist Left’s sinister attempt to slime truth-tellers about Jihad.

August 19, 2016
Matthew Vadum

Radical left-wing billionaire George Soros developed a strategy five years ago to publicly disparage, delegitimize, and marginalize conservatives like David Horowitz who go to great pains to warn Americans about the threat posed by political Islam and the ongoing Islamization of the U.S.

It is part of the Left’s push to create an alternate reality in which world temperatures claimed to be rising at an imperceptibly slow rate pose more of a threat to mankind than militants flying commercial jetliners into skyscrapers.

Soros is a foreign-born atheist who as a 14-year-old collaborated with the Nazis in occupied Hungary, describing that time as “probably the happiest year of my life” and “a very positive experience.” He has described himself as “some kind of god, the creator of everything,” and has said his “goal” was “to become the conscience of the world.”

He is an enabler of Islam which has been expanding by conquest and deception for 1,400 years. To put things in Islamic terms, Soros’s proposed mass importation of Muslims would expand the ummah, or community of Muslims, by means of what Muslims call hijrah, or jihad through emigration, from the Islamic world, the Dar al-Islam (house of peace), to the Dar al-Harb (house of war).

Soros’s affinity for Islam makes perfect sense. Nazi sympathizers and Islamists have much in common. It is fair to say that Islamic terrorists are the last of Adolf Hitler’s World War Two coalition partners that have yet to be vanquished.

The Islamic world aligned with the Third Reich, and this alliance “has largely been whitewashed from the pages of history,” Pamela Geller reminds us:

Many Muslims fought on the German side during World War II. The Wehrmacht had six legions with a Muslim majority and the SS had three Muslim divisions, a brigade and a Waffenbrigade. Each Muslim unit got a mullah as an adviser. In November 1944, an SS mullah school was established in Dresden, founded by Himmler.

The end goal for Soros, long the preeminent funder of the Left, is to weaken America by making the country safe for Islam, a fascistic, religion-like ideology founded by Muhammad in the seventh century after the birth of Christ. Soros urges the dissolution of borders and demands that the U.S. accept unlimited immigration, including from regions that produce people who hate America and its values and founding principles.

A constellation of well-heeled funders are part of a long-term campaign aimed at making the tenets of Islam acceptable in American society and glossing over the problems associated with importing terrorism-prone Muslims. The 86-year-old Soros, whose estimated net worth is now at a record $24.9 billion, is by far the wealthiest of these funders.

Secret internal documents from Soros’s primary philanthropic vehicle, Open Society Foundations (OSF), were hacked by DCLeaks and published on the group’s website this past weekend.

One memorandum dated Jan. 12, 2011, bears the subject line “U.S. Models for Combating Xenophobia and Intolerance.” It is included in the document bundle labeled “Extreme Polarization and Breakdown in Civic Discourse.”

The memo identifies a plan that calls upon the Center for American Progress (CAP), founded by Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta, to combat a phantom the Left calls “Islamophobia.” This neologism is wielded as a cudgel against those who dislike Islam and those who are merely skeptical of it. Leftists are determined to stamp out criticism of Islam, and they have an army of nonprofit organizations, foundations, academics, media outlets, and name-calling activists to help them.

The 57-member state Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC) is onboard with attacking Islamophobia. It wants to outlaw all criticism of Islam in every country on planet Earth. Such criticism is not only blasphemous but also defamatory, according to Islamic thinking.

The memo states:

We need a clearer understanding of what by all indications is a well-orchestrated and well financed system by which right-wing think tanks, pundits, and politicians are able to introduce false narratives and flawed research into the media cycle and use their misinformation to manipulate public opinion and thwart progressive counterterrorism policies.

It describes the “Examining Anti-Muslim Bigotry Project” espoused by the Center for American Progress. The project would:

(1) study anti-Muslim bigotry in the public discourse and respond on a rapid response basis throughout the 10-month grant period using CAP’s state of the art communications platform; (2) conduct investigative research on the Islamophobia movement and issue a major report on its findings in the first quarter of 2011; and (3) convene in the first quarter of 2011 two dozen experts, including representatives of progressive organizations and the Arab, Middle Eastern, Muslim, and South Asian-American (AMEMSA) community, to formulate strategies for combating anti-Muslim xenophobia.

It also indicates that CAP “will research and track the activities of the most prominent drivers of Islamophobia,” including “David Horowitz’s Freedom Center,” Stop Islamization of America led by Pamela Geller, Foundation for Defense of Democracies led by Cliff May, and Liz Cheney’s group Keep America Safe. CAP will also examine “the role played by right-wing media, the Tea Party movement, prominent politicians, pundits, and conservative donors in spreading anti-Muslim hysteria.”

CAP took Soros’s money and did his bidding. Even today CAP is working hard to convince Americans that this make-believe mental illness of Islamophobia is a threat to American democracy and pluralism. CAP claims a $57 million network “is fueling Islamophobia in the United States.” The group created a sophisticated, flashy website (Islamophobianetwork.com) that identifies leading alleged Islamophobes. The site draws upon “Fear, Inc.: The Roots of the Islamophobia Network in America,” a 2011 CAP report, and “Fear, Inc. 2.0: The Islamophobia Network’s Efforts to Manufacture Hate in America,” a CAP report from 2015.

CAP warns that there is “a small, tightly networked group of misinformation experts guiding an effort that reaches millions of Americans through effective advocates, media partners, and grassroots organizing.” These people, particularly a handful of key individuals and their organizations, spread “hate and misinformation.”

The Podesta-founded Center’s top six targets for vilification are: David Horowitz, founder and CEO of the David Horowitz Freedom Center (DHFC); Robert Spencer, co-founder of Stop Islamization of America, director of the DHFC-affiliated Jihad Watch, and vice president of the American Freedom Defense Initiative; Frank Gaffney, founder and president of the Center for Security Policy (CSP); Steven Emerson, founder and executive director of the Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT); Daniel Pipes, founder and president of the Middle East Forum (MEF); and David Yerushalmi, founder of the Society of Americans for National Existence (SANE), and general counsel for CSP and Stop Islamization of America.

The site also directs fire at author and activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Somali-born ex-Muslim who is a fierce critic of Islam.

Although political correctness dictates that Hirsi Ali’s opinions should be given greater weight because she is female, black, an immigrant, and a victim of violence (female genital mutilation), she is too important a target to ignore. The CAP-created website notes disapprovingly that she calls Islam “a destructive, nihilistic cult of death” and says we will lose the fight against terrorism “unless we realize that it’s not just with extremist elements within Islam, but the ideology of Islam itself.”

The website tries to discredit its targets by stating or implying, often without offering any proof, that they are “radical right-wing,” ignorant, misinformed, paranoid, or bigoted. It smears CSP’s Gaffney, for example, claiming he “makes unsubstantiated claims,” and publishes commissioned papers whose authors knowingly arrive at “exaggerated and incorrect conclusions.”

The site claims Robert Spencer “is the primary driver in promoting the myth that peaceful Islam is nonexistent and that violent extremism is inherent within traditional Islam.” It quotes Spencer saying Islam “is the only major world religion with a developed doctrine and tradition of warfare against unbelievers.”

The site attacks David Horowitz, approvingly quoting the Southern Poverty Law Center which has dubbed him “the godfather of the anti-Muslim movement.” The site also pillories Horowitz for saying that “virtually every major Muslim organization in America is an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood, the fountainhead of Islamic terror,” and for amplifying the voices of “fellow anti-Muslim bigots and their schemes of conspiracies and threats.”

And it claims the DHFC, which publishes FrontPage, “promoted the myth that Muslim extremists infiltrated an array of political organizations on both the left and the right.”

Soros’s “U.S. Models for Combating Xenophobia and Intolerance” memo is both an important leftist document and a window into the thinking of Soros operatives. It shows their preference for far-left talking points over the dispassionate analysis of facts. It also ought to disabuse any readers of the notion that OSF, formerly known as the Open Society Institute, is bursting with good people with good intentions. Many of these people viscerally hate those who disagree with them, viewing them not merely as ignorant or misguided, but as evil.

The memo is also a character assassination roadmap that enlists the assistance of disreputable left-wing groups including Media Matters for America, Muslim Public Affairs Council, and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Addressed to OSF president (now president emeritus) Aryeh Neier, the memo is from OSF staffers Ann Beeson, Nancy Chang, and Raquiba LaBrie – all lawyers and veteran social justice warriors – plotting to smear those who dare to tell the truth about Islam. It lays out a plan “to counter xenophobia and intolerance in the U.S.”

ACLU alumna Beeson replaced current Democracy Alliance president Gara LaMarche in 2007 as U.S. Programs director at OSF. She now runs of the Center for Public Policy Priorities in Austin, Texas. Chang managed OSF’s National Security and Human Rights Campaign but it wasn’t clear at time of writing if she still worked at OSF. She was previously senior litigation attorney at the Center for Constitutional Rights, a virulently anti-American public interest law firm. Harvard-trained LaBrie is director of philanthropy at L+M Development Partners in New York City and a board member of the Urban Justice Center.

The 2011 strategy memo is a template for a well-funded smear campaign against critics of Islam, associating them with the shooting that January of then-Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.). The attack “provides a grim backdrop to U.S. Programs’ consideration of rising xenophobia and intolerance.” The shooter, Jared Lee Loughner, turned out to be a paranoid left-winger.

The memo sets the stage by repeating the long ago debunked Daily Kos-originated smear that Sarah Palin, “the most visible Tea Party leader,” somehow caused the mass shooting in which Giffords was severely wounded because she supposedly contributed to the “extreme and violent rhetoric [that] pervades our political discourse.”

It regurgitates the leftist article of faith that “prejudice against Muslims, Latinos, African Americans, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people, and other minorities is growing in a climate of fear, anger, and economic uncertainty.” It blames “anti-Muslim bigotry” for opposition to the construction of an “Islamic community center” at Ground Zero in lower Manhattan. It claims that “[c]able television channels, talk radio and political blogs pander to people’s fears and privilege expression of extreme views.”

America is a fetid hellhole of racial and religious hatred, the memo continues.

There is “growing intolerance and fragmentation in U.S. society” and it is important to examine the “full range of actions from rhetoric to harassment to violence perpetrated by government officials and private individuals, or embodied in laws or policies.” More money “should be devoted to uncovering the connections between individual actors, hate groups and extremist ideologies.”

The memo authors recommend that Open Society Foundations contribute $200,000 of the project’s $225,000 budget. It states that as of that point in time OSF had given a total of $6,759,991 to CAP. However, IRS filings show that if OSF grants and grants from Soros’s other philanthropy, the Foundation to Promote Open Society, are combined, the total amount given to CAP rises to $10,541,376.

The OSF grant to CAP does not appear in philanthropy databases. Three separate $200,000 grants – two in 2011 and one in 2013 – to CAP for an “anti-Muslim bigotry” project do appear but they come from the Foundation to Promote Open Society.

Another OSF memo from April 26, 2010 (“Strategic Opportunities Fund – May 3, 2010 Docket Recommendation”) urges funding for the absurdly named Free Exchange on Campus Coalition which it states was created three and a half years earlier “to counter vigorous assaults on freedom of expression.”

OSF acknowledges it approved a $150,000 grant for FECC in 2009 and planned to give an additional $110,500 to its apparent fiscal sponsor, the American Federation of Teachers Educational Foundation. “Because FECC does not have its own 501c3 status, the coalition members decided to house the staff coordinator position at the American Federation of Teachers Educational Foundation,” the planning document states.

FECC was founded after an OSF-hosted meeting in 2006 “following which leading faculty, student and civil liberties organizations launched Free Exchange on Campus Coalition (FECC) as a joint effort to counter conservative activists and their allies’ ideological assault on higher education.”

At that time “assaults on free exchange on campuses … included public relations efforts to undermine popular support for the academy, on-campus student campaigns, and efforts to pass state and federal legislation, based upon the David Horowitz Freedom Center’s ‘Academic Bill of Rights’ (ABOR) proposal, to place restrictions on higher education.”

FECC began to organize students and faculty in key states to roll out a public communications strategy” and “played a major role in organizing students and faculty to oppose proposals to restrict the free exchange of ideas in Pennsylvania, Montana, Missouri, Virginia, Iowa, Arizona, Georgia and Texas.”

In fact the Academic Bill of Rights was drafted to protect students from abusive, indoctrination-oriented professors with the goal of returning the academy to traditional principles of open inquiry and true academic freedom that puts students and teachers on an equal footing.

Horowitz is also mentioned in an article from the OSF document dump called “9/11 at 10: Lessons Learned from Anti-Muslim Haters,” by Faiz Shakir, at the time vice president of CAP. According to his LinkedIn profile he left CAP in June 2012 to become “New Media Director & Senior Adviser” to House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, and In March 2013 he became “Senior Adviser” to “U.S. Senate Majority [sic] Leader Harry Reid[.]” (The article is one of several in a PDF file called “tab-7-usp-board-articles-oct-2011[.]”)

Shakir describes Horowitz as one of “a host of grassroots organizers and activists” who disseminates the work of “anti-Muslim experts.” After that, “[m]edia voices on the right-Fox News, National Review, and hate radio hosts like Michael Savage-then amplify the Islamophobic rhetoric. Ultimately, right-wing political actors like Newt Gingrich and Rep. Allen West (R-FL) help mainstream the ugly prejudice.”

Shakir adds:

The lesson is simple: We need to isolate the Islamophobia network. That means demanding the media not give a platform to this small cadre of voices. That also means demanding that politicians divorce themselves from the network’s propaganda. It’s possible.

Shakir’s right. It is possible to smear and intimidate people who want to speak the truth.

The Left, surfing on a tidal wave of Soros money, does it every day.

Matthew Vadum, senior vice president at the investigative think tank Capital Research Center, is an award-winning investigative reporter and author of the book, “Subversion Inc.: How Obama’s ACORN Red Shirts Are Still Terrorizing and Ripping Off American Taxpayers.”

From – http://www.horowitzfreedomcenter.org/

More on Soros’ evil stirring- http://www.jpost.com/Opinion/Our-World-Soross-campaign-of-global-chaos-464770

This the ‘migrant crisis’ was spontaneous? Think again – http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-07-08/how-george-soros-singlehandedly-created-european-refugee-crisis-and-why


Demonstrate against Islam’s treatment of women THIS Saturday!


The constant news of migrant rapes in refugee centres and of migrants raping ordinary women and children in Germany and Sweden are big news today. But let’s not forget that Muslims in the UK have been raping and systematically sexually exploiting young girls for decades now with few convictions to date, and the police having routinely rejected complaints by victims and their parents, considering their claims might stir problems with ‘community cohesion‘. Well God forbid anyone consider immigration from Muslim countries as anything but a great thing!

It’s not unreasonable to contend that since in Muslim countries women are deprived of freedoms and even of their LIVES, then Muslim immigration might not be conducive to the continuing freedom and safety of women. Female Genital Mutilation, ‘Honour’ Killings and mass rapes as well as child marriage and marital abuse are all common in Islamic countries. Sadly these evil practices are being carried across to the West when too many Muslims migrate here. A trip to most of our English towns today show there are thousands of Muslim women who wear the veil. 3,000 English girls were sexually exploited and abused in Rotherham ALONE by Muslim men who see white girls as sex-slaves, just as ISIS do.

More Muslim immigration is clearly bringing more of these problems to the West, and places that were safe for our women and children are no longer so. How long until YOUR favourite place becomes out of bounds for yourself or your daughters?

Make your voices heard – say NO to further Islamisation of the UK – come out with us and Anne Marie Waters THIS Saturday August 20th 2016 at Old Palace Yard in Westminster, SW1P 3JY starting at 2pm.

Those present will protest against the rising threat to the safety of European women, as a result of decades of mass immigration from Islamic societies. Join us.


Islam Kills Women – Take Action Against Islam’s Hatred of Women

Anne Marie Waters of Sharia Watch is organizing a protest in front of the House of Lords on August 20. Her aim is to address the harm being done to women by Sharia — the femicide, the FGM, the misogyny, and all the other aspects of Islamic brutality against women. In particular, she is speaking out against the silence of the feminists on this issue.

Here’s what she had to say in her Breitbart article:

Islam Kills Women is a joint effort between Sharia Watch UK and Examine-Islam.org. It aims to do one thing and one thing only: show the world just why it is that women are treated so utterly appallingly in every Muslim society on earth.

As well as producing articles from various writers and information packs and videos, I will challenge every feminist organisation in Britain to debate me, so that they can attempt to prove me wrong. When they realise that they cannot do this, I invite them to stand alongside me at the culmination of this campaign — a protest rally to be held outside Parliament on August 20th.

Islam kills women not only physically — although of course it does — but it kills the spirit of far greater numbers. From birth, girls are degraded and humiliated, most often by their own mothers. These girls accept their status and then pass it on to their own daughters in an endless cycle of what can only be described as evil.

Often forced into marriage, forced to live with domestic violence, and enslaved under a system of ‘honour’, life can be sheer misery for girls unfortunate enough to have been born in to Islam. To top it off, many will have their clitoris cut off so that sex will be painful and they can suffer the further humiliation of incontinence and other side-effects.

All of this, but all of it, is maintained and sustained and justified by Islam. That is a matter of fact.

And from her own website:

The Suffragettes didn’t stand around making statements about how wonderful it would be if the world was perfectly just and free. They didn’t spend their time debating theories and congratulating themselves for tolerating the oppression of women in the name of their culture. They took action, they demanded, they starved themselves, they chained themselves to Parliament, some even committed suicide. They did so for a reason, to win the right to vote, not to condemn misogyny in general.

I am asking you to do the same. I am asking you to cease the cowardice of making a virtuous statement and then going about your lives; this achieves nothing. If we are to preserve the freedoms won for us by our mothers and grandmothers, we must demand that men who pose a threat to those freedoms are not permitted to move here en masse. It’s a real solution, not a grand statement. We must also demand an end to sharia law, which is facilitating the slavery of women right under our noses in the UK. We must demand prosecutions for forced marriage and jail-time for the obscenity of FGM. If this occurred, not only will it save countless individual girls, but if you’re a fan of grand statements, one could hardly be grander than that.

Its time to show some courage, feminists, stand up to this. It won’t solve all the world’s problems, but the world’s problems are solved one at a time. To solve problems, you must fight, and to fight you must recognize who threatens you. Putting your head in the sand is not an option.

Its time to stop your virtue-signalling and do something worthwhile. Forget about all the nonsense and lies about “far-right” that you like to apply to others. This isn’t about labels, it’s about the freedom of women, and if you truly are a feminist, that should be your greatest concern.

I shall conclude by asking you to join me to protest against the mass migration that is bringing Islamic misogynist norms to our shores. Protect the places where women are free — it helps no woman anywhere when women’s rights go in to reverse.

I will be at the House of Lords in Westminster at 2 pm on August 20th. I will shout and protest and demand that I have the right to maintain my freedom from all threats — including immigration.

I suspect some of you will agree with me but have too much fear to say so. Come along anyway. Nobody needs to know.

We need numbers at this protest, we need loud voices at this protest, its time to stop being naïve about the world and the various societies and cultures within it. We are not all the same, we are not all alike, and we do not all value women or believe in our autonomy.

Take a step feminists, this time in the right direction.

See you on the 20th of August.

Anne Marie Waters is the founder of Sharia Watch UK, a former UKIP candidate for Parliament, and one of the leaders of PEGIDA UK.

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How come it is only Muslims who turn to terror? Muslim man answers this!

Petition new Brexit Government – make good promises on immigration!

Please sign and share this petition far and wide – there are already calls for not only a second referendum from the Remain side but even Boris Johnson is starting to backtrack on the key pledge to control and reduce immigration. We need to make the new Brexit leadership know we will NOT find anything but a points-based immigration system acceptable. 

Sign the petition here – https://www.change.org/p/boris-johnson-mp-post-brexit-government-make-good-your-promise-on-immigration

To: The next Prime Minister and their Government
On June 23rd 2016 the British people voted to leave the EU. According to YouGov, the main reasons people voted Leave were immigration and sovereignty. The new post-Brexit Government and Prime Minister must therefore make immigration controls on a points-based system a precondition of any negotiations on trade with the EU.
Any decent negotiator will leverage the fact that the UK is now the EU’s largest single importer of EU goods and services – we buy more from the EU than we sell to them. We are also a farlarger market for the EU than Norway or Switzerland who by dint of their size were forced to accept the free movement of people as part of their deals.
There is no reason for us to make any concessions on immigration – we are the world’s 5th largest economy, it is in the EU’s self-interest to accommodate us on immigration in order to retain its valuable trade with the UK’s large market of wealthy consumers.

The new Prime Minister must not forget the UK can just as easily make trade deals with huge markets in China, India and the USA over the EU. The new Government should not be swayed by the rhetoric coming from EU leaders over the negotiations, but rather by the demands from the voting public of the UK. We are a great nation – we should not continue to be brought to heel by the undemocratic EU.
If the new post-Brexit Government fails to act on what the majority of the voting public instructed it to do it will be in contempt of the democratic process. Failing to act on immigration would be catastrophic for the cohesion of our society, the health of the NHS and of our schools, as well as ignoring the very real threat of terror from the millions of Islamic migrants Chancellor Merkel has just welcomed to Europe who are likely of course to become EU Citizens soon enough.
We the undersigned demand an end to open borders in favour of a points based system that puts the needs of the country and the will of its people first.

In order to ensure this happens we also demand the new Brexit Government sees Leave campaigners who stood firm on Leave taking the key cabinet roles of Prime Minister, Foreign Secretary and Chancellor. Nigel Farage of UKIP should also be involved in the negotiations with the EU since he ultimately must be thanked for the referendum.

The people have spoken – we want to leave the EU and end free movement of people – it is the duty of the new Brexit Government to implement our will. This new Government must be formed as soon as possible and Article 50 invoked immediately.


Facts and Sources:

Overall net migration stands at 333,000, and has risen more than a third since David Cameron came to power in 2010, with the aim of reducing numbers to tens of thousands a year.

While the rest of the EU accounts for about 6% of the world’s population, it’s now the source of about 49% of UK net migration. That’s up from 29% five years earlier, mainly because non-EU migration has steadied off, while EU migration has increased. It may be that the accession of new EU members has fuelled that rise.







The Future is Bright Beyond Brexit!

Thursday’s win for Brexit is a huge step forward for freedom in the entire Western hemisphere. The majority vote amongst the British to leave the EU shows the world there IS an alternative to the current version of globalisation – one where the West has to forever ‘adapt’ and apologise for its own rich culture and heritage in the face of the third world ‘noble savages’ whom we are expected to bow down to, house, clothe feed and accept the destruction of OUR OWN homelands for.

Thanks to Nigel Farage and his UKIP party’s tireless work over decades, being ridiculed and lobbed with insults by all and sundry along the way, the people of the UK have finally been given a vote on where they see the future of their country – with an undemocratic, arrogant and failing EU or confident in our own worth as 5th largest worldwide economy, a nation which people from across the world want to migrate to, a nation which invented parliamentary democracy, modern computing, ended slavery and gave women the vote and gays the right to marry? We the British chose the latter – we have NOTHING to be ashamed of in so-doing. This was a vote for a brighter future – one where anything is possible and where small minded bureaucrats no longer make over half of our laws.

More than this however, we have voted for the chance to join with like-minded nations if we so wish in a formidable trading bloc that would make us into a TRULY great nation once more. There has been talk of a CANZUK union – the most powerful Commonwealth nations of Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK all have the Queen as head of state and share common valued. Until Trudeau in Canada started pouring millions of Muslims into his country, this would have been a great idea – but since right now the biggest threat for all of us in the West is Islam and its violent, hateful, treasonous and seditious ideology, Canada would have to first cease its destructive actions to join this.

I would instead propose a union first of all with our great friends and allies during WWII Norway, looking to Switzerland who have just edged out of their application to join the EU as well as Iceland, Australia and New Zealand as potential partners in a trading bloc. We are all far more affluent nations than most of the EU (Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Croatia anyone?) with shared Judeo-Christian values despite richly different cultures. These similarities would create a bright and dynamic group of independently strong countries working together for their greater good.

The unexpected Brexit result has shown that the majority of the UK voting public will no longer put up with the single most dangerous aspect of the current world order – the obsession within the EU and the Left with political correctness at any cost. Frau Merkel’s obsession with open borders, which has flooded the EU with 3rd world incomers, most of whom are not fleeing war but are rather opportunistic economic migrants, has literally cost the EU its 2nd wealthiest member state. The repercussions to the rest of the EU of this migrant tide in terms of the safety of women and minorities is stark – but the long term economic impact will be much worse as most migrants are Muslim and Muslims have a rich history in the West of failing to work and rather bleeding the welfare state dry (when they are not busy plotting terror against us).

Sweden is now Number 2 globally after only Lesotho for the numbers of rapes its women have to contend with – 30 years after opening its borders to multiculturalism and Muslim immigration. Germany, since Merkel opened its borders to more than 1.5 million Muslim migrants is going the same way – and this is the Europe that wants to tell US what to do? It is supremely incapable of protecting its own citizens.

The reaction to the Brexit vote from the UK’s mainstream media has been disrespectful and offensive throughout the campaign but especially now the nation has voted, with even a second referendum being demanded by the sore losers on the Remain side. Voters’ very real concerns over immigration are outrageously swatted off as just so much ‘bigotry’ by the Left-wing media.

The talk has been of ‘fallout‘ and ‘panic‘ that the voice of the UK people has made itself heard. Many sources see this as ‘Cameron’s mistake’ to have given us, the people the choice in a democratic vote. The media and our elites are not interested in listening to the people – only in arrogantly telling us what to believe. It has worked for almost half the voting public but not for all of us. That is what is making the establishment shudder – that their self-serving narrative is being shot down.

The taints of ‘racist’ and ‘bigot’ which the Left hoped would shut down the Brexit vote have instead made us stronger. We will NOT be cowed by the doublethink that has been telling us that letting in millions of Muslims at a time when they are attacking us more regularly than even after 9/11 is a good idea. It is not. To protect the existing population of the UK the ONLY choice is to end Muslim migration to our shores. EU migration more widely has helped the economy but it has now gone too far – our schools are full up, there is a housing crisis, our poorest and our NHS are neglected and let down – we simply cannot take more people in our small island.

In 2000 the UN published a report telling the world the best solution for declining populations would be ‘replacement migration’:

— The numbers of immigrants needed to prevent the decline of the total population are considerably larger than those envisioned by the United Nations projections. The only exception is the United States.

— The levels of migration needed to prevent population ageing are many times larger than the migration streams needed to prevent population decline. Maintaining potential support ratios would in all cases entail volumes of immigration entirely out of line with both past experience and reasonable expectations.

The ‘migration crisis’ we are witnessing today, with the greatest human tide ever seen on the move and headed to the West from the Muslim world is this population replacement happening in front of our eyes. Our ‘leaders’ have been standing by and letting it happen as if it is unstoppable or even desirable. Neither is true – the Muslims headed to the West will follow in the footsteps of the majority already here – they will refuse to integrate, some will attack the local people as terrorists and others will refuse to work and claim welfare. This is NOT the best way forward for the existing populations of the West. And there ARE alternatives for these Muslims – far closer to home, the West could certainly fund refuges for them in empty, poor Muslim lands such as Kazakhstan or Azerbaijan. This would be a far better solution in every way – both better value for our tax money, and better for Muslims to stay in Muslim countries since they display daily how much they hate us and our Western ways.

The first duty of a government MUST be to protect its people – none of our world governments have been protecting us – and the UN vision of ‘replacement migration’ is the root of the current destruction of Western culture, and peoples, by an army of Muslims who completely reject our laws and our very existence. This is the current version of ‘globalisation’ which we in the UK have rejected with Brexit.

Whilst Cameron has stood firm against Merkel’s demands that we take ‘our share’ of the human tide she has invited to the EU, soon enough her incomers will be granted citizenship which under old EU free movement rules would have meant they could – and would have – moved to the UK. We are a magnet for the world’s dispossessed just as Germany and Sweden are, with our successful economy, generous welfare state and tolerant attitudes. We must use this to attract only the people we want and need rather than all comers. A points system is the solution.

Brexit has shown that the people will no longer be silenced by being called nasty names like ‘racist’ each time we complain of unlimited migration destroying our communities. Brexit is the first TRULY popular vote of modern times – Trump’s presidency will be next in November – then watch the world’s elites shudder as their plan to destroy the morale and strength of the people through unfettered Muslim immigration is no longer being accepted.

France, the Netherlands and Italy are also seeing popular demands for their own referenda on Europe. We the people will no longer bow down to the faceless rulers who time and again have shown their goals do not have OUR best interests at heart.

We have it in our power to reclaim our sovereignty not just from the EU but also from the yoke of political correctness and from the global elites currently busy replacing the greatest civilisation ever – the Judeo-Christian one with the worst ever – the Muslim one. There is nothing racist in stating this – Indian Hindus and Buddhists suffered the same fate when Muslims first came as migrants then began to slaughter and force conversions from them – killing 80 million and landing their ‘own’ lands, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. Indonesia became Muslim in the same way – as did ALL the 50 or so Muslim majority nations worldwide today. Islam is nothing but a conquering ideology which uses the lie that it is peaceful to deflect from its true agenda. For some reason the UN and EU have been complicit in its attempted take-over of the West – we are now in a position to put a stop to it.

Brits must now demand our vote is fully acted upon by the Brexit government and Muslim migration stopped – we are a strong economy and MUST negotiate trade terms with the EU which do not include the free movement of people. A points-based system is perfectly workable and a decent negotiator can and must claim this as the people have made it clear that is what we want.

The US MUST vote in Trump, and the EU peoples which want to exit the EU must demand their votes soon – before it is too late and our populations are finally replaced, and the West turns to ruin like Pakistan or Afghanistan have since Muslim conquest.









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