Refugees Welcome?

Have you noticed that the vast majority of the ‘refugees’ wending their way to Europe are army-age men? There are very few women and children – and certainly hardly any women not covered by the horrible hijab. Christians are in fact being persecuted in refugee camps by their Muslim neighbours, Christians are being thrown overboard from refugee vessels, and Christians are being persecuted in Muslim lands right now. They are too afraid to go to UN refugee camps because again Muslims persecute them there.

I want to share with you this letter from an ex-Muslim convert to Christianity in Egypt. He is in fear for his life because his FAMILY want to kill him because he left the Muslim faith. What kind of faith is it which renders people so full of hate they would kill their own children? Read his story in his own words to find out:

“I was deeply religious Muslim until two years ago when I found out the true teachings of islamic faith and “prophet Muhammad” , countless killings of innocent men , women and children .This I could not bare by my nature so I rejected this barbaric religion.

I found out that “Muhammad” was no different than barbaric thugs who slaughtered , robbed and raped women and also kids !!
He married a 6 year old girl when he was 52 !!
The Quran assured him 20 % of all booty his terrorist thugs collected by attacking and killing innocent people.

To satisfy the Islamic god you have to hate , kill and rape non Muslims. So I was sure that is not the real God and I left Islam two years ago.

At the same time I had many christian colleagues at work. They were very friendly with me although they knew that I was religious Muslim who for sure hate christians and consider them as slaves.This power of love and tolerance made me thinking a lot about “Jesus” so I started to watch arabic christian tv channel called “Sat7” which changed my life forever.

When I hear about Jesus and his teachings I was sure that is the real God who loves everyone and who sacrificed to save us from hell and to enable humans to be reconciled to God. The concept of the divine trinity was very difficult for me as Ex-Muslim so christian girl helped me to understand this concept and to know more about Jesus .She also helped me to get baptized .So I loved her and we got engaged in secret. But unfortunately my family knew that so they beaten me till I was about to die and they threaten me : “we will kill you and we will burn your dead body because you don’t deserve to be in islamic graves”.They threaten my by death and burning alive if I refused to convert back to islam and they arranged with slafist thugs to take me to a small far away village in upper Egypt and they will torture me till I convert back and if I refused they will kill me there and no one will know anything about me again but I managed to escape before that.

They searched also for the address of my christian fiancee and they found it and with help of islamic slafist thugs they burned the building which my fiancee lived in and she got badly injured but she managed also to escape.

After my escape I called my family to tell them that my conversion will not prevent me from love them but they respond to me : “We will kill you and your fiancee and all christians who help you and if we can’t find you we will report your conversion to Intelligence and National Security “. That was the last time I heard from them.

We are hiding now because we are afraid of killing , burning alive or arresting by Police because of blasphemy law.

Unfortunately we don’t have enough money to get out of Egypt so please help us asap because our life in real danger and we can’t even work or go to church to pray because our situation is very dangerous in such islamic country.”

So if you are still confused as to whether Islam is truly a ‘religion of peace’ then let the story of this ex-Muslim dispel your confusion. Islam only teaches Muslims to hate. That is why we should not be bringing more Muslims into the West but rather focusing on helping brave ex-Muslims and Christians who are being persecuted BY Muslims. There are 50 Muslim nations which have already been colonised by Muslims – we must not allow our civilised nations to follow suit. You might say – but see how poor Muslim countries are, and how many wars rage there? But surely that should prove the point – Muslims ransack and destroy all nations where they are in power – there is no freedom or democracy in Muslim nations. Instead women are forced to cover up, Churches are not allowed to be built, homosexuality and adultery are punished by hanging or stoning, Muslims are not allowed to leave Islam on pain of death. If that is what you want for the West then by all means continue to scream ‘refugees welcome’. If you are still sentient enough to spare a thought for the poor, for women, for your children’s future, then stand firmly against the rabid intolerance and hatred of Islam and say – ONLY non-Muslim refugees welcome!

You can donate to help the Christian Convert whose letter I publish above here:

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